New Hampshire band Pleasure Gap is was added to the NBR roster in 2014. We released their full-length album TROPICAL BARN on cassette in March 2014.  There were 50 copies made (sold out).  

It wouldn’t be a stretch to compare the sounds of Pleasure Gap to groups like Violent Femmes, The Pixies, The Velvet Underground or 13 Floor Elevators. 

Listen to Tropical Barn in full:

Pleasure Gap is currently finishing up a new full-length album.  Their newest single titled ''New Genes'' can be heard at their BandCamp page.



Boston based doom metal band Keefshovel released their debut demo on NBR in September of 2013.  The 4 track demo was a hair under thirty minutes long.  Their crushing riffs sludge along at a snails pace, similar to bands such as Eyehategod, Grief and Electric Wizard.  Matt Couto, who plays drums in Keefshovel, also plays for well renowned stoner metal band Elder.  The demo sold out almost as soon as it was released.  The band has not put out any material since, but continues playing shows and writing material.

Listen to Keefshovel:

Sea King




Sea King is the ongoing solo music project of Jake Newcomb.  Newcomb began making home recordings in 2007 and released a number of digital releases under his own name for a number of years.  In 2012, SK released his debut cassette titled SONIC SUBSTANCE, which played with ambience, electronic drum kits, guitar noodling, howling vocals and varying styles of percussion.  Through time SK continues to evolve in sound.  

Each release tends to vary drastically in sound and style.  After Sonic Substance, SK released his second tape titled II, which was an instrumental 5 track release.  The Spring of 2014, he released an official full length cassette titled Prisoner's Dilemma which reverts back to the raw and acoustic energies of his early recordings.

Listen to Sea King:

Tanner Olin Smith


It doesn't really get much more psychedelic.  Tanner's self-titled cassette release that came out in the summer of 2013 was really a special one (sold out).  Tanner has a passion for analog equipment and records himself directly onto tape.  His songs continue to get compared to that of George Harrison, Connan Mockasin, early Ween and Beck.  

Tanner's single Mother Memory Cellophane was recognized by Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop, which in turn made his debut cassette sell out within two days.  Tanner has been staying busy recording new songs, and we hope to release a CD of new material in the near future.

Listen to T.O.S.:

Earth Person


When asked in an interview with Wake the Deaf Blog why Earth Person creates music, he answered:

" To play music is to become a conduit, or a channel through which earth-energy flows. There is no “creation” because all forces are ancient echoes without beginning or end. However it is totally possible to sing with this energy, and to harmonize your whole “self” with it. 

Music is so important to me because it is my spiritual connection to reality. It allows me to channel my influences, share stories, and give something back to the Universe. "

Earth Person's self-titled release that came out in August of 2013 is Devon Cole giving something back to the universe.  The tape holds 20 minutes of psychedelic indie-pop music reminiscent of early Beck, Yeasayer and MGMT recordings.

We also released Earth Person's album titled "The Forgotten Bridge" at the end of 2014.  Limited copies still available in our web store.

Get yourself free and listen to Earth Person: