NBR17 : Sea King's 3rd full-length, titled 'Hazy Dream' album is now available on cassette and digital download. There are only a handful of cassettes left.  Below is also the official music video for the single I Don't Wanna Lose My Mind, filmed by Nate Foster on Peaks Island, Maine.

Click here to download or purchase Hazy Dream.

both tape images in one.jpg



Sea King's ''All Free'd Up'' 3 song EP and zine with lyric sheet is now out and available for order.  An edition of 25 copies, only 6 available at the time of this posting.  Link to order is here >>> http://aggressiverhythmrecords.limitedrun.com/products/597501?preview=true

Full length album HAZY DREAM is out next, this Fall on Nomadic Behavior. 



Available now is a split cassette by Sea King and Roman Statue made by Novitic Industries.  

Each side stands in at 45 minutes.  As always, each order comes with an immediate digital download.

Thank you for your continued support.

CLICK HERE to ORDER your copy now.

Jake Newcomb on the Sea King side:

'Most of these tracks reach back about 8 years, when I first started experimenting with recording myself.  They were never officially released on any format.  Sometimes I would burn CD-Rs and give them to co-workers at the record shop or to strangers on the street.  I’m fairly certain most people passed me off as crazy and never really listened, and I let the recordings sit and collect dust.  

Riddled with internal conflicts during the times of the recordings - I found that turning to recording was my sort of refuge away from the world that seemed so unfit for me.  Countless nights were spent in the corner of my studio apartment with a bottle of wine and a classical guitar - hovering over my computer in attempt to record my soul into it.  These nightly intoxicated recording sessions became a sort of ritual of self-reflection and observation, which I am still practicing today.

Since the tracks are pretty dated, and I was pretty green to producing music at the time - there is a roughness to the tracks when compared to my newer material.  I hope listeners can appreciate this tape for what it is - a documentation of someone experimenting with recording as a means of deep introspection and self-understanding.'




Back by popular demand - The Doldrums "Forced Existence" 7" is re-designed and back up for order in our webstore.  All orders get mailed next week.  Thanks for your continued support.  Forced Existence was originally created by This is Mine Records.

FE AD.png


We are leaving the cassette world for our next release and putting out our first record!  SEA KING will release his double sided 7" late Fall.  


There are also options for a vinyl, poster and pin package as well.

As always, thank you for your support.  It makes it possible to continue doing what we do.



Sea King crawls out of silence and releases a new song and video titled LIFE OF DESIRE.  Check it out here:


Sea King - 'My Own Private Cave' now up for full-stream and download >> www.seaking.bandcamp.com  

Digital Downloads are $3 and tapes are $4 (include a download).



limited edition run of cassettes.  12 songs, 30 minutes of new material from J. Newcomb AKA Sea King.  All orders ship on 9/28.  Pre-orders are available now on the BandCamp page.  Digital downloads will be e-mailed to on the release date.  As always, thanks for your support!

Click here to Pre-Order MY OWN PRIVATE CAVE


This was our first time printing directly onto cassettes.  Very excited how they came out.  You can order and stream it here: www.nomadicbehaviorrecords.bandcamp.com/


NBR#14 Pleasure Gap Cream Wave is now up for full-stream and pre-order on our band camp page!  Go grab it before it sells out.  Limited edition of 50 tapes.  All orders include a digital download.  As always, thanks for your support!

Stream // Order:




NBR #14: PLEASURE GAP 'CREAM WAVE' coming soon on cassette.  Release date scheduled for August 3rd.  Pre-orders and digital downloads coming next week.  In the meantime, enjoy this new music video for a song off the tape.


The label's going on hiatus until july, while i travel along the east coast. since this is a one man operation, the webstore is going to be down 'til i return home. things will become more active again in late summer, and that is a promise!


SEA KING has a new track titled "Breakdown at the Falls" which is based around a rather humbling and magical experience that occurred deep in the Oregon rainforest.  That will be out on 4.20 as a part of a Maine music compilation, released by Sweet Pizza Records.  Stay tuned for that!


SEA KING announces new album titled 'Old Traits' out this summer on NBR.  Here is a video for the song 'Burrow Away' which will be featured on it.  For more songs off the upcoming tape, go here :: www.seaking.bandcamp.com/


Our Ancient Egyptian Camel Wheel t-shirts are printed and ready to be wrapped around your body!

We printed S, M, L and XL sizes.  Make sure to include the size in your order.  Thanks!

Here's the link to get one:: http://nomadicbehaviorrecords.tictail.com/product/ancient-egyptian-camel-wheel-shirt-grey


Sea King has a new song that is featured in this video created for Maine's outdoor backpack company, Fan Si Pan.  Make sure to check them out and stream this new track right here.  Just click the image below! 


NBR#13 : Jerry Gari - I Think I Love You

A limited edition of 40 tapes are now up for pre-order and full-stream.  We are very excited about them.  All orders ship on at the end of January.  

As always, thank you for the support.



Our favorite New Hampshire band PLEASURE GAP is in the midst of recording a new album that will be out on NBR in the beginning of 2015.  JERRY GARI's first NBR release titled "I Think I Love You" will be out around the same time.  More on all of that soon!  For now enjoy this video from JERRY GARI.


Does your band need tapes made? We just finished a run of 50 tapes for New Hampshire band Badfellows

E-mail Jake at nomadicbehaviorrecords@gmail.com for more information on our tape production service.





Stay tuned!

Earth Person's latest "The Forgotten Bridge" is now available in the webstore.  


We are excited to be working with Earth Person once again and releasing his new album "The Forgotten Bridge". Limited cassettes in blue and black are set to release on July 29th. 

Pre-order your copy here:: www.nomadicbehaviorrecords.bandcamp.com/

All pre-orders include an immediate digital download of the album.

Here is a nice write up of the album: http://cultureshock.bangordailynews.com/2014/05/13/rockin-out/maine-album-reviews-earth-person-superorder-and-north-of-nashville/


Please give a warm welcome to OBSERVERS, the newest addition to the Nomadic Behavior Roster!  We will be releasing their debut EP on limited edition cassette this summer.  Check out their single titled "CLEARED / OUT" by following the link below and stay tuned for developments!

Listen to "Cleared / Out" by OBSERVERS


A beautiful thing has happened! We were able to buy our very own state of the art, professional as it gets, slightly used but perfectly functioning high speed tape dubbing machine! 

We took all the proceeds from the past 2 releases and put it towards this machine. This means we no longer have to spend incredibly long days dubbing tapes at the nearby University using their equipment, but instead we can work from the comfort of home. 

So thank you for your orders, they are helping us do what we love to do, and keep your eyes peeled for future releases from NBR!


Sea King has created another one of his homemade music videos cutting up footage from old films and videos.  This track is for his song "Mushroom Tea" off of the new album Prisoner's Dilemma (NBR11).  Prisoner's Dilemma is a limited edition cassette, with very few copies remaining, available at our webstore.


We'd like to thank everyone for the orders that have came in for SEA KING's "PRISONER'S DILEMMA".  We have only 4 copies left and they will not last long.  We will be taking a break from producing albums for a couple months due to relocating across the country.  Thanks.



<<A few important updates>>

The first order of business is that the Pleasure Gap album Tropical Barn is now up for pre-order.  We are finishing these up this week and all orders will be mailed out on March 18th.  If things run smoothly, pre-orders may get mailed earlier.  Here's a photo of the final product:


Secondly, here is a recent review of TROPICAL BARN written by Ryan Lowell of State of Mind Music: http://stateofmindmusic.com/entry/1741/Pleasure-Gap---Tropical-Barn/

Thirdly, SEA KING has released a new album titled PRISONER'S DILEMMA which is now up for full-stream and free download.  Listen here: www.seaking.bandcamp.com

Limited number of tapes will come this Spring.  


This will be our last release for a little while due to the fact that we are relocating across the country soon afterwards.   All pre-orders can be placed within our store.  Thank you for your continued support.


These came in the mail today.  This upcoming release will be our first time using colored cassettes.



Please welcome New Hampshire band PLEASURE GAP to the Nomadic Behavior roster! We will be releasing their album TROPICAL BARN on limited cassette on March 18th. Stay tuned!

Listen to Pleasure Gap:




New projects are underway! We are excited to announce that we are taking two new artists under our wing. We're looking at 3 releases by May, the first one coming in March... Stay tuned for announcements>>>



SEA KING is channeling some odd energy in this new song and video titled 'Friday's Therapy'.


Happy to announce, that NBR #9, Sea King 'II' is officially available for order! Thanks for your continued support!



An update!

Sea King has strung together a new EP titled 'II' which is now up for stream in full on our BandCamp page (www.nomadicbehaviorrecords.bandcamp.com).  Pre-orders are available for the cassette which will come out on December 2nd.  Limited copies available.  More info on that as it comes along!


exciting things are happening.gif



My oh my, how the time flies by!  It has been over a month since our last update.  We've got some good news to report.  For starters, we are completely sold out of KEEFSHOVEL demos at NBR Headquarters.  However, the band still has a few copies on hand, so if you catch them live you still have a chance to get your copy.  We MAY make another run of them in the near future.
 SEA KING, Jake Newcomb's ever evolving solo-project, has released a new track titled 'Transitions' from the upcoming cassette release.  We will have a limited edition tapes made and they will be out this Winter.  You can stream the track below.  Stay tuned for more!


Keefshovel tapes are now available for pre-order on the BandCamp page (www.nomadicbehaviorrecords.bandcamp.com).  All orders will be mailed out on 9/24.  The demo is also available for full-stream.  Go and get 'em! 



Hello! Good news! The Keefshovel tape design is in the works. More on that soon! /// Cover art done by Lucas Kazzer.  This cassette will have 30 minutes of stoner doom metal.  Songs will be coming soon!

 Keefshovel Demo tape design.&nbsp;

Keefshovel Demo tape design. 

Track Listing:

1. Christmas in Brockton
2. Seed in the Rough

3. Germ



Keefshovel begins their short tour tomorrow.  Dates listed below.


September 5th: Gallery X New Bedford, MA w/ Balam and Woozy

September 7th: AS220 Providence, RI w/ Balam, Songs, VYGR

September 8th: Whitney House, Hartford, CT w/ Stone Titan and Warm

September 9th: Grand Victory, Brooklyn, NY w/ Reign of Zaius, Eggnog, John Wilkes Booth

September 10th: House TBA, Philadelphia, PA w/ TBA

September 11th: Café 611 Frederick, MD w/ Iron Man, Admiral Browning, RHIN

October 24th: TBA, Worcester, MA w/ Set, Mount Salem, Uzala, Mike Scheidt (guitarist of YOB, solo acoustic)






We are excited to announce our first ever t-shirt design. These will be printed onto black t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts (just in time for the fall). The whole entire printing process will be done completely by ourselves. These should be available for order sometime next week!


shirt design.jpg


The EARTH PERSON tape is officially finished and ready for order!  Thank you to anyone who has ordered a copy so far.  Your support means everything to us.

Remember, if you order a release from us through our Bandcamp page, you will receive an instant digital download of the release.   All information on ordering the EARTH PERSON tape can be found on the picture below:





Though we have yet to release a single sound of the KEEF SHOVEL demo yet, you should expect that silence to be broken very soon.  The band has sent me samples of their demo recording, and it sounds great.   They are adding vocals next week and we will have a song up for stream soon afterwards.  The KEEF SHOVEL demo will be a limited run of 50 copies.



We are excited to announce we are going to release our first official CD.   Tanner Olin Smith has been recording new songs (onto 4-track tape recorders).  We expect to release this CD in the Fall.  More information on that as it comes along.


To join our mailing list, please email nomadicbehaviorrecords@gmail.com with a  message that says ‘add me’.  You will be automatically enrolled in email updates from NBRecords.  Thanks.